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Into gothic rock, dark indie, synthpunk, psychobilly, horror rock, post-punk, old-school punk, deathrock and similar genres? Bored with the predictable EBM/fetish nights? Live in or visit Atlanta much? You've found just the place!

Dead Atlanta LJ (sometimes) provides lists of upcoming events and shows featuring bands *you* want to see, photo galleries, band interviews, and other interesting info.

Anyone can post notices & promotions to the list but please keep such notifications on topic (see our Interests for clues) and local.

Mandatory viewing:


Tears for the Dying

Dead as Romance

Bury Me Under




Blind Michael Bradley



The Love Drunks

The Endless


Opaq Face (moody new-wave)

The Black Lagoon



Cloak and Dagger Dating Service

Death's Little Sister (Athens, defunct)

The Girl Pool (Athens, defunct)

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